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Tunable biaxial strain device for low-dimensional materials
Pasquier V, Scarfato A, Martinez Castro J, Guipet A, Renner C.

Review of scientific instruments. 2023;94(1):013905

Strain is attracting much interest as a mean to tune the properties of thin exfoliated two-dimensional materials and their heterostructures. Numerous devices to apply tunable uniaxial strain are proposed in the literature, but only few for biaxial strain, often with a trade-off between maximum…

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A European Collaboration to Investigate Superconducting Magnets for Next Generation Heavy Ion Therapy
Rossi L, Ballarino A, Barna D, Benedetto E, Calzolaio C, Ceruti G, De Matteis E, Echeandia A, Ekelof T, Farinon S, Felcini E, Gehring M, Kirby G, Lecrevisse T, Lucas J, Mariotto S, Munilla J, Musenich R, Pampaloni A, Pepitone K, Perini D, Popovic D, Prioli M, Pullia M, Quettier L, Sanfilippo S, Senatore C, Shabagin E, Sorbi M, Statera M, Tommasini D, Toral F, Valente R, Veres D, Vieweg M.

IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity. 2022;32(4):1-7

Next generation ion therapy magnets both for gantry and for accelerator (synchrotron) are under investigation in a recently launched European collaboration that, in the frame of the European H2020 HITRIplus and I.FAST programmes, has obtained some funding for work packages on superconducting…

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A Heavy Fermion Zn-Deficient CaBe2Ge2-Type Phase with Rare Ce-Based Ferromagnetism and Large Magnetoresistance
Lefèvre R, von Rohr F.

Chemistry of materials. 2022;34(5):2352-2360

We report on the hitherto unknown compound CeZn2−δGe2 (δ ≈ 0.41). We find that this compound crystallizes in a defect version of the well-known CaBe2Ge2 structure type. The phase forms in a Zn/In flux and with Zn deficiency on one of its…

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A Laser-ARPES View of the 2D Electron Systems at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 and Al/SrTiO3 Interfaces
Mckeown Walker S, Boselli M, Martínez EA, Gariglio S, Bruno FY, Baumberger F.

Advanced electronic materials. 2022;:2101376

We have measured the electronic structure of the two-dimensional electron system (2DES) found at the Al/SrTiO3 (Al/STO) and LaAlO3/SrTiO3 (LAO/STO) interfaces by means of laser angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy, taking advantage of the large photoelectron escape depth at low photon energy…

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Band Gap Opening in Bilayer Graphene-CrCl3/CrBr3/CrI3 van der Waals Interfaces
Tenasini G, Soler Delgado D, Wang Z, Yao F, Dumcenco D, Giannini E, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Moulsdale C, Garcia-Ruiz A, Fal’ko VI, Gutierrez Lezama I, Morpurgo A.

Nano letters. 2022;22(16):6760-6766

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Charge-Transfer and dd excitations in AgF2
Bachar N, Koteras K, Gawraczynski J, Trzciński W, Paszula J, Piombo R, Barone P, Mazej Z, Ghiringhelli G, Nag A, Zhou K-J, Lorenzana J, Van Der Marel D, Grochala W.

Physical Review Research. 2022;4(2):023108

Charge-transfer insulators are the parent phase of a large group of today's unconventional high-temperature superconductors. Here we study experimentally and theoretically the interband excitations of the charge-transfer insulator silver fluoride AgF2, which has been proposed as an excellent…

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Crystal growth and structure of a high temperature polymorph of Sr2TiO4 with tetrahedral Ti-coordination, and transition to the Ruddlesden–Popper tetragonal phase
Pulmannova D, Besnard C, Bezdička P, Hadjimichael M, Teyssier J, Giannini E.

CrystEngComm. 2022;24(20):3731-3740

We have grown single crystals of a new polymorph of Sr 2 TiO 4 . It contains titanium in an unusual tetrahedral coordination and transforms to the Ruddlesden–Popper structure with an interesting orientational relationship.

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Electronic structure of the highly conductive perovskite oxide SrMoO3
Cappelli E, Hampel A, Chikina A, Guedes EB, Gatti G, Hunter AS, Issing J, Biskup N, Varela M, Dreyer CE, Tamai A, Georges A, Bruno FY, Radovic M, Baumberger F.

Physical review materials. 2022;6:075002

We use angle-resolved photoemission to map the Fermi surface and quasiparticle dispersion of bulk-like thin films of SrMoO$_3$ grown by pulsed laser deposition. The electronic self-energy deduced from our data reveals weak to moderate correlations in SrMoO$_3$, consistent with our observation of…

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Electrostatically Driven Polarization Flop and Strain‐Induced Curvature in Free‐Standing Ferroelectric Superlattices
Li Y, Zatterin E, Conroy M, Pylypets A, Borodavka F, Björling A, Groenendijk DJ, Lesne E, Clancy AJ, Hadjimichael M, Kepaptsoglou D, Ramasse QM, Caviglia A, Hlinka J, Bangert U, Leake SJ, Zubko P.

Advanced materials. 2022;:2106826

The combination of strain and electrostatic engineering in epitaxial heterostructures of ferroelectric oxides offers many possibilities for inducing new phases, complex polar topologies, and enhanced electrical properties. However, the dominant effect of substrate clamping can also limit the…

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Expanded solid-solution behavior and charge-discharge asymmetry in NaxCrO2 Na-ion battery electrodes
Jakobsen CL, Brighi M, Andersen BP, Ducrest G, Cerny R, Ravnsbæk DB.

Journal of power sources. 2022;535:231317

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Formation and propagation of cracks in RRP Nb3Sn wires studied by deep learning applied to x-ray tomography
Bagni T, Mauro D, Majkut M, Rack A, Senatore C.

Superconductor science and technology. 2022;35(10):104003

This paper reports a novel non-destructive and non-invasive method to investigate crack formation and propagation in high-performance Nb$_{3}$Sn wires by combining x-ray tomography and deep learning networks. The next generation of high field magnet applications relies on the development of new…

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Functionally doped infinite-layer nickelates
Gabay M, Gariglio S, Triscone J-M.

Nature materials. 2022;21(2):139-140

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Generation of Tunable Stochastic Sequences Using the Insulator–Metal Transition
Del Valle Granda J, Salev P, Gariglio S, Kalcheim Y, Schuller IK, Triscone J-M.

Nano letters. 2022;

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Heating-Induced Performance Degradation of REBa2Cu3O7–x Coated Conductors: An Oxygen Out-Diffusion Scenario with Two Activation Energies
Bonura M, Cayado Llosa P, Konstantopoulou K, Alessandrini M, Senatore C.

ACS applied electronic materials. 2022;

The degradation of the superconducting properties of REBa2Cu3O7−x coated conductors when heated above 150 °C is a topic of concern for any REBa2Cu3O7−x-based applications. This study makes it clear the role of thermally activated oxygen out-diffusion processes in the modification of the…

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Incompatibility of published ac magnetic susceptibility of a room temperature superconductor with measured raw data
Hirsch JE, Van Der Marel D.

Matter and radiation at extremes. 2022;7(4):048401

A material termed “carbonaceous sulfur hydride” has recently been reported to be a high-pressure room temperature superconductor [Snider et al., Nature 586, 373 (2020)]. We have previously pointed out that certain anomalies observed in the published data for the ac magnetic susceptibility of…

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Isotope tuning of the superconducting dome of strontium titanate
Rischau W, Pulmannova D, Scheerer G, Stucky A, Giannini E, Van Der Marel D.

Physical Review Research. 2022;4(1):013019

Doped strontium titanate SrTiO3 (STO) is one of the most dilute superconductors known today. The fact that superconductivity occurs at very low carrier concentrations is one of the two reasons that the pairing mechanism is not yet understood, the other being the role played by the proximity to a…

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Light sources with bias tunable spectrum based on van der Waals interface transistors
Henck H, Mauro D, Domaretskiy D, Philippi M, Memaran S, Zheng W, Lu Z, Shcherbakov D, Lau CN, Smirnov D, Balicas L, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Fal’ko VI, Gutierrez Lezama I, Ubrig N, Morpurgo A.

Nature communications. 2022;13(1):3917

Light-emitting electronic devices are ubiquitous in key areas of current technology, such as data communications, solid-state lighting, displays, and optical interconnects. Controlling the spectrum of the emitted light electrically, by simply acting on the device bias conditions, is an important…

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Magnetic field tuning of valley population in the Weyl phase of Nd2Ir2O7
Kapon I, Rischau W, Michon B, Wang K, Xu B, Yang Q, Nakatsuji S, Van Der Marel D.

Physical Review Research. 2022;4(2):023056

The frustrated magnet Nd 2 Ir 2 O7 , where strong correlations together with spin-orbit coupling play a crucial role, is predicted to be a Weyl semimetal and to host topological pairs of bulk Dirac-like valleys. Here we use an external magnetic field to manipulate the localized rare-earth 4f…

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Metal hydroborates: From hydrogen stores to solid electrolytes
Cerny R, Murgia F, Brighi M.

Journal of alloys and compounds. 2022;895:162659

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Metal to insulator transition at the surface of V2O3 thin films: An in-situ view
Caputo M, Jandke J, Cappelli E, Chaluvadi SK, Bonini Guedes E, Naamneh M, Vinai G, Fujii J, Torelli P, Vobornik I, Goldoni A, Orgiani P, Baumberger F, Radovic M, Panaccione G.

Applied surface science. 2022;574:151608

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Probing Magnetism in Exfoliated VI3 Layers with Magnetotransport
Soler Delgado D, Yao F, Dumcenco D, Giannini E, Li J, Occhialini CA, Comin R, Ubrig N, Morpurgo A.

Nano letters. 2022;:2c01361

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Quasi 1D Electronic Transport in a 2D Magnetic Semiconductor
Wu F, Gutierrez Lezama I, Lopéz‐Paz SA, Gibertini M, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Von Rohr FO, Ubrig N, Morpurgo A.

Advanced materials. 2022;:2109759

We investigate electronic transport through exfoliated multilayers of CrSBr, a 2D semiconductor that is attracting attention because of its magnetic properties. We find an extremely pronounced anisotropy that manifests itself in qualitative and quantitative differences of all quantities measured…

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Quenching the bandgap of two-dimensional semiconductors with a perpendicular electric field
Domaretskiy D, Philippi M, Gibertini M, Ubrig N, Gutierrez Lezama I, Morpurgo A.

Nature nanotechnology. 2022;

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Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Study of Electron-Exciton Coupling in High-Tc Cuprates
Barantani F, Tran M, Madan I, Kapon I, Bachar N, Asmara T c., Paris E, Tseng Y, Zhang W, Hu Y, Giannini E, Gu G, Devereaux T p., Berthod C, Carbone F, Schmitt T, Van Der Marel D.

Physical review. X. 2022;12(2):021068

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Reverse coating technique for the production of Nb thin films on copper for superconducting radio-frequency applications
Fonnesu D, Baris A, Calatroni S, Lain Amador L, Pfeiffer S, Rosaz G, Bonura M, Senatore C.

Superconductor science and technology. 2022;35(12):125003

In the framework of the Future Circular Collider Study, the development of thin-film coated superconducting radio-frequency copper cavities capable of providing higher accelerating fields (10–20 MV m$^{−1}$ against 5 MV m$^{−1}$ for the Large Hadron Collider) represents a major…

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Room-temperature superconductivity — or not? Comment on Nature 586, 373 (2020) by E. Snider et al
Van Der Marel D, Hirsch JE.

International journal of modern physics b. 2022;:2375001

Recently, the discovery of room-temperature superconductivity was announced for a carbonaceous sulfur hydride (CSH) under high pressure [E. Snider et al., Nature 586, 373 (2020)]. The evidence for superconductivity was based on resistance and magnetic susceptibility measurements. In the figures…

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Smooth velocity fields for tracking climate change
Gaponenko I, Rohat GT, Goyette S, Paruch P, Kasparian J.

Scientific reports. 2022;12(1):2997

Describing the spatial velocity of climate change is essential to assessing the challenge of natural and human systems to follow its pace by adapting or migrating sufficiently fast. We propose a fully-determined approach, “MATCH”, to calculate a realistic and continuous velocity field of any…

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Structural and electronic properties of SrCuO2+ δ thin films
Hadjimichael M, Waelchli A, Mundet Bolos B, Mckeown Walker S, De Luca G, Herrero-Martín J, Gibert M, Gariglio S, Triscone J-M.

APL materials. 2022;10(10):101112

The layered structure of superconducting cuprates is considered to be a key ingredient to achieve high superconducting transition temperatures. In this work, we investigate the possibility of doping the SrCuO 2 infinite-layer compound by inserting additional oxygen into its structure….

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Structural Phase Transitions in closo -Dicarbadodecaboranes C2B10H12
Brighi M, Murgia F, Łodziana Z, Cerny R.

Inorganic chemistry. 2022;61(15):5813-5823

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Tomography analysis tool: an application for image analysis based on unsupervised machine learning
Bagni T, Haldi HM, Mauro D, Senatore C.

IOP SciNotes. 2022;3(1):015201

We developed a graphical user interface (GUI) to analyse tomographic images of superconducting Nb 3 Sn wires designed for the next generation accelerator magnets. The Tomography Analysis Tool (TAT) relies on the k -means algorithm, an unsupervised machine learning technique which is…

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Ultrathin Piezoelectric Resonators Based on Graphene and Free‐Standing Single‐Crystal BaTiO3
Lee M, Renshof JR, van Zeggeren KJ, Houmes MJA, Lesne E, Šiškins M, van Thiel TC, Guis RH, van Blankenstein MR, Verbiest GJ, Caviglia A, van der Zant HSJ, Steeneken PG.

Advanced Materials. 2022;34(44):2204630

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Anomalous quasiparticles in the zone center electron pocket of the kagomé ferromagnet Fe3Sn2
Ekahana SA, Soh Y, Tamai A, Gosálbez-Martínez D, Yao M, Hunter AS, Fan W, Wang Y, Li J, Kleibert A, Vaz CAF, Ma J, Xiong Y, Yazyev OV, Baumberger F, Shi M, Aeppli G.


One material containing kagome bilayers and featuring both exceptional magnetism and electron transport is the ferromagnetic metal Fe3Sn2. Notwithstanding the widespread interest in Fe3Sn2, crystal twinning, difficulties in distinguishing surface from bulk states, and a large unit cell have until…

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Observation of flat Γ moiré bands in twisted bilayer WSe2
Gatti G, Issing J, Rademaker L, Margot F, Jong TA de, Molen SJ van der, Teyssier J, Kim TK, Watson MD, Cacho C, Dudin P, Avila J, Edwards KC, Paruch P, Ubrig N, Gutierrez Lezama I, Morpurgo A, Tamai A, Baumberger F.


The recent observation of correlated phases in transition metal dichalcogenide moir\'e systems at integer and fractional filling promises new insight into metal-insulator transitions and the unusual states of matter that can emerge near such transitions. Here, we combine real- and…

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Doctoral Thesis

Optoelectronic Phenomena in 2D Materials and Heterostructures
Domaretskiy D.

2-dimensional (2D) materials have stunned the scientific community and have triggered immense interest due to their unique optoelectronic properties. These properties strongly depend on the thickness of 2D layers and can be controlled by an externally applied voltage providing experimental…

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Unconventional superconductivity, phase transitions and new polymorphs in the Sr-Ti-O system
Pulmannova D.

Strontium titanate is a cubic perovskite, which is insulating in its pristine state but becomes metallic upon electron doping. It is one of the most dilute superconductors and the pairing mechanism is unknown. In addition, SrTiO3 is a quantum paraelectric, in which zero-point…

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